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When it is a matter of board member remote voting, the most fundamental rule is that any action approved by a majority of people entitled to vote at a regular or special meeting (and not including abstentions) is valid. This is the case, unless a statute or administrative code law, by-law, policy or board policy declares contrary.

If your board has specific procedures for remote voting, you should review it and make sure the process is followed correctly. If you do decide to allow remote voting, also ensure that quorum is met and the board management software permits an unsecure, transparent and precise vote.

In the past, when a board votes to approve a motion they could either use ballots that were distributed in advance or record the results on a roll call. With the advancement of technology and the necessity of running meetings remotely, it’s logical to use a virtual voting system that allows members to vote quickly. MeetingPulse for instance, allows members to vote from anywhere with internet access. It’s also simple to use and provides security that is enterprise-level.

No matter what method you choose the best way to ensure that everyone on the board is assured about their decisions is to encourage them to actively participate in discussions. This will promote engagement and ensure that the voices of all are heard, which reduces the chance that a single member will challenge the final outcomes.

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